Why I’m running.

It’s a question that is simply stated, but difficult to articulate.

First, let me state that I am NOT a career politician. I am a husband, father, grandfather, son, brother and uncle. My wife and I have carved out our own little piece of paradise on the same farm that her parents owned and raised her on. Along with our children, cats and dog, we raise goats and cattle. We grow as much of our own food as we can. We run a business on this farm and treat all of animals as honored and valued contributors, no matter their role. But, that’s not why I’m running for Senate.

Over the last few years, we, as Pennsylvanians, have been experiencing a severe erosion of our basic rights. Both in our civil rights and our human rights. Between the seemingly never-ending lockdowns, restrictions, curfews and “mandates” from Harrisburg, the very notion of living in a Free Country seems but a distant memory. And this is just in the last calendar year! Prior to that, we have seen our property taxes rising at unprecedented levels, state sales tax increases, restrictions on how you can use your personal property, while giant multi-national corporations enjoy near unadulterated immunity. And, more specifically here in the mid-state, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh largely determining our path forward in both state issues and our contribution to the nation. This is especially frustrating to us as Pennsylvanians, since this is the state that hosted the First Continental Congress. And Philadelphia is largely considered the Birthplace of America.

So, that brings me full circle to the original question posed. Why am I, a simple man of the people, one voice in the wilderness and a Libertarian running for the vacant seat on the Pennsylvania Senate in District 48? A simple question, but not a simple answer. I am running because a very wise teacher I had in 9th grade had a small sign on their desk that read “Be the change you wish to see.” And I, along with many here in the 48th District of the Keystone State wish to see change. A change of direction in this state. A change of direction in this nation. For too long, the same two parties have worked in collusion with each other to advance their own goals and agenda, while forgetting who they were elected to represent in the first place. We the people. I will not forget that. I am one of the people.