My name is Tim McMaster.

I run a small goat and cattle farm with my wife and 2 teenage sons.

I am running for Township Supervisor in 2023 to put ACCOUNTABILITY back on the Board of Supervisors. To force the Township to justify EVERY SINGLE cent they tax from you, and every cent the spend.

I am a 27 year resident of Conewago Township, York County, PA.

For far too long in Conewago Township, we, the citizens, voters and tax payers have been ignored by the 3 sitting Supervisors. EVERY proposal that has been brought before this board has been approved unanimously, often with little to no debate, discussion or opportunity for the public to comment. This is a disgrace. I will NOT allow that to continue. I will be demanding that EVERY proposal be debated and the public at large allowed to comment. No more ‘sweetheart’ deals that get the township more of your hard earned dollars. No more large, farm destroying mega-warehouse approvals being bought with a ‘donation’ to the right ‘in group.’ NO MORE keeping you, the resident, in the dark!

Once elected, there WILL be public streaming of ALL public meetings! There WILL be accountability returning back to the Supervisors!
Join me, and together, we can Bring Accountability BACK!