My name is Timothy D. McMaster.

I run a small goat and cattle farm with my wonderful wife and 2 amazing teenage sons. I am currently serving on the Audit Board of Conewago Township, and have twice been elected by that board as the Chairman, first elected to the position in 2021.

I have been a resident of Conewago Township, York County, PA for over 25 years. In 2021, I ran for State Senate in the (then) 48th District. The first Libertarian to do so ever. In 2022, I was the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania’s candidate for Lieutenant Governor. During these campaigns, I received local, state and even National media coverage.

I am running for Township Supervisor in 2023 to put ACCOUNTABILITY back on the Board of Supervisors. To force the Township to justify EVERY SINGLE cent they tax from you, and every cent the spend. I will fight tirelessly to defend the rights and liberty of every resident of Conewago Township.

For far too long in Conewago Township, we, the citizens, voters and tax payers have been ignored by the Board of Supervisors – all of whom, ironically enough, belong to the SAME party. EVERY proposal that has been brought before this board has been approved unanimously, often with little to no debate, discussion and worst of all no opportunity for the public to comment until it has already been passed. This is a disgrace. I will NOT allow that to continue.

I will be demanding that EVERY proposal be openly and publicly debated and the public at large allowed to comment.

No more ‘sweetheart’ deals that get the township more of your hard earned dollars.

No more large, farm destroying mega-warehouse approvals being bought with a ‘donation’ to the right ‘in group.’

NO MORE keeping you, the resident, in the dark!

Once elected, there WILL be public streaming of ALL public meetings!

There WILL be accountability returning back to the Supervisors!

You WILL have a voice in the future of Conewago Township! This is a promise I make to you!

Join me, and together, we can Bring Accountability BACK!

McMaster for Lt. Governor