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I would work with willing members of the PA General Assembly to find ways to reduce, on a path to the total elimination of the onerous and destructive property tax. The very first way that I see to do this is to reduce spending in the local school districts. We have seen over the last 2 years that it IS possible to find effective and productive ways to educate our next generation of students in ways that are both efficacious and effective for the students, while reducing costs to the local school systems. We can incentivize enrollment in ‘alternative’ schooling programs that focus on educating and serving the students and their families, while not paying the bloated salaries or egregiously overpriced ‘benefits’ to life-time bureaucrats and redundant administrators; giving parents and families more control over how and where their students are educated.

Small businesses are both the backbone of any growing economy and the incubators for innovation. For far too long, legislation and regulations are written to protect the large, mega-companies at the cost of a strong and vibrant small business sector. I would push to have stifling legislation on small businesses reduced while making regulations appropriate to scale. There is no reason why a small, locally owned dairy should have to have the same infrastructure as an operation with 50,000 animals and their associated wastes, by products and structures. This would also dovetail into an emphasis on education every Pennsylvanian on producing as much of their own food as they are able. Every small reduction in the ‘food-dollar cost’ we can achieve, the stronger and more resilient every family can be.

The Second Amendment is clear and concise. Additionally, Article I, Section 21 of the Pennsylvania State Constitution states: “The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.” These words are definitive. Every citizen of Pennsylvania has the right to self-defense. If a citizen chooses a firearm as the tool for that defense, the state has absolutely zero authority to deter or curtail that right. 

While this, on the surface may seem to be ‘anti-police’ I assure you it is not. For too long, these 2 practices have been used and abused to strip rights and property from Pennsylvanians without due course of law. As Law Enforcement Officers, we as a free people should not feel that LEOs are acting above or outside the law in the duties. I seek to keep them accountable to both their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution as well as protecting the rights of citizens who have committed no crime, and should not be forced into a “guilty until proven innocent” judicial system. 

Defend the Guard legislation would prohibit a state’s National Guard units from being deployed into active combat without a formal declaration of war by Congress, as provided by the U.S. Constitution. This is an extremely simple and easily supportable legislation. It would seek to hold our national policy makers to the same standard, the Constitution of the United States of America.

The state has no moral authority to prohibit, mandate or restrict what any free citizen puts into their own body. This is a basic freedom that all humans enjoy and is the simplest most direct example of body autonomy.

Sex workers are using their most basic right of bodily autonomy to conduct voluntary, consensual transactions. Morality cannot and should not be subject to legislation. Decriminalizing sex work and recognizing the rights of these workers of to freely engage in consensual activities would bring these workers ‘out of the shadows’ and allow them to be protected from abuse or infringement of their rights, allow them access to better healthcare and allow a system to redress grievances.

Once their debt to society is paid in full, and they are released, all basic civil and human rights should be restored. Once released, these people are either fully restored, first class citizens or they are not. The current system creates a de facto separate system for those released where they are punished for crimes far beyond the length of the sentence. This should be seen as a violation of the 8th Amendment.


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