As a Libertarian, I am not beholden to either of the 2 old parties, or their whims, wishes and demands. I believe, the same as Thomas Jefferson, that “The government that governs least, governs best.” And, as such, I am NOT taking money or support from the old party’s or their leadership. My sole principle is to defend and protect the rights and liberty of the people. To fight for your property and individual rights to live and prosper in freedom.

I am also, 100% self financing this campaign! This is a service position. Something that the current Board seems to have forgotten,

However, since I am not a member of the old party’s, I do need some help getting on the ballot in November. I need to acquire many signatures of registered Conewago Township voters (from any party) for ballot access. It is yet another obstacle put in place by the old party’s in an attempt to keep people like me and you OFF the ballot, and therefore silence our voices.

If you would like to help fight for more choices on your ballots instead of the same old same old, please email me at: and I will get back to you and schedule a time to meet and let you sign the petition. The only information required on the form is the same as the information listed on your voter registration card, and the form goes directly to the Elections Board. If you’d like to help me collect signatures, I can get that to you as well!

I also have yard signs available if you’d like to publicly declare your support. Please use the same email as above.

Thank you for your support and your interest.
Let’s work together to Bring Accountability Back to Conewago Township!