Here is the ever-growing list of Official Endorsements

"The 48th needs Tim McMaster to be your next State Senator. Pennsylvania government is out of control regarding spending, taxing, and regulating. Senator McMaster will be a great Representative, always defending your personal liberties. I look forward to working with Tim to drastically reform and improve Pennsylvania government."

Joe Soloski - Libertarian Candidate for PA Governor -

"With the upcoming special elections on May 18th, I am proud to endorse Tim McMaster for the PA Senate District 48th vacant seat. Tim has shown that he is a champion of the people, and will fight for everyone regardless of party affiliation."

Nicole Shultz - Libertarian Candidate for PA Lt. Governor -

"This man's name is Tim McMaster, and he's headed to make Pennsylvania more free.

Tim is running for State Senate, and I wholeheartedly endorse him.

As the 48th District's Senator, Tim will fight to:

- Reduce property taxes

- Eliminate state income taxes

- End prosecution of victimless crimes

- End civil asset forfeiture

Tim knows that you do best when you are most free, and he's ready to fight in Harrisburg for your rights, and for your future."

Spike Cohen - 2020 Libertarian Party Vice Presidential nominee, Fox Business Contributor, Tasha's Spouse.

I am the only candidate on the ballot in PA 48 that has pledged to limit ALL members of Congress.

Thank you, U.S. Term Limits