Battlefield of Freedom – Candidate Meet & Greet

Gettysburg, PA, September 30, 2022 – The Libertarian Party of York County, PA, and the Adams County Libertarian Party affiliate are excited to host a Candidate Meet and Greet event in Gettysburg, PA on Friday, September 30th.

The “Battlefield of Freedom” event will include food, drinks, activities, and the opportunity to speak with multiple candidates from the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania.  Tim McMaster will be attending and participating in the virtual town hall, where he will speak directly to the constituents about their election choices on the ballot come November.  Additionally, other candidates, including Neil Belliveau, candidate for PA State Representative – District 91, will be participating, with more joining virtually throughout the event.  As everyone counts down the days until polls open, the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania continues to engage the community with events such as the “Battlefield of Freedom” on real-life-impacting issues: liberty.

As Democrats and Republicans continue to purport that they are the only options, the Libertarian Party candidates remain vigilant to set the record straight.  Voters have a choice on the ballot representing personal liberty, individual sovereignty, and freedom.  “[The Democrats and Republicans] will ignore us until election day. Then the [losing party] will blame us for them not winning,” says McMaster. In this election, voters have a choice that is not based on empty campaign promises, the lesser of ‘evils,’ or ‘wasted votes.’  McMaster continues, “meanwhile, they have some [voters] convinced that voting for us is a ‘wasted vote.’ I ask [the Pennsylvania voters], ‘how is voting your conscience a waste?’”
Please join Tim McMaster, Neil Belliveau, and the York and Adam county Libertarian Party affiliates for a freedom-filled evening. Learn more at

Date/TimeFriday, September 30th; 6 – 9 PM
LocationBattlefield Brew Works (248 Hunterstown Rd. Gettysburg, PA 17325)

About TIM4PA – Tim McMaster is the Libertarian Party of PA’s candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania. Tim is currently an Auditor and chair of the Audit Committee for his home township of Conewago Township, York County. Now Tim is seeking support as Lieutenant Governor of the great state of Pennsylvania. Tim focuses on critical issues of liberty, from Lowering the Property Tax for Homeowners to Constitutional Carry in Pennsylvania to Ending the Prohibition on Recreational Marijuana Usage. Join Tim, and we will #MakePAFreeAgain!


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