Sep. 24—Matt Hackenburg didn’t plan to run for governor.

But, he said, when his Libertarian Party nominated him, he decided, “I have a message to spread, and it’s my duty to do so.”

Hackenburg, 37, an avionics engineer and National Guard veteran from Bangor, favors decriminalizing all drugs and prostitution. He also is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment right to bear arms. Though he personally thinks abortion is wrong, he feels government should not be involved in that issue.

Hackenburg shared his campaign message during a low-key meet-and-greet event Friday evening at Sharky’s Cafe in Unity. It had drawn about a dozen people — mostly fellow Libertarian Party candidates and officials — halfway through the two-hour session.

His running mate for lieutenant governor, York County farmer and IT infrastructure analyst Tim McMaster, 48, also was on hand.

Hackenburg said his concern about the government handling of the covid-19 pandemic prompted him to join the Libertarian Party early in 2021. He objected to government policies “forcing people to wear masks” and pledged not to order a “unilateral lockdown” of business and public activities if he is elected.

McMaster said he supports people who choose to wear masks or get vaccinated against covid. But, he said, “Don’t treat me like a second-class citizen because I choose not to.”

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