You Have a Choice: Signature Collection on Primary Day

Harrisburg, PA, May 16, 2022 – The election season is in full swing, and once again, the Democrats and Republicans purport that they are the only options. But this is wholly untrue, there are better options, and voters have the chance to help ensure those options make it onto the ballot across the state.

On Tuesday, May 17th, the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania will be out in force collecting
signatures for ballot access. Libertarian Party volunteers will be at polling places across the
state. The process is quick and easy; voters simply need to provide their contact information
and signature on the state form. Volunteers will help guide you through the process.

An added benefit to your contribution to the signatures is the enablement of ballot access for all
other local Libertarian Party candidates, giving PA even more choices for liberty in your local
county, district, and area.

Additionally, Tim McMaster will be personally collecting signatures in his home area of York, PA. Tim will be collecting signatures at three polling locations. In the morning, Tim will be at the “UTZ Pavillion” polling location at 861 Carlisle St, Hanover, PA 17331. In the afternoon, Tim will alternate between two areas: the “Conewago Elementary School” polling place at 570 Copenhaffer Road, York, and the “Strinestown United Brethren Church” polling location at 5675 Susquehanna Trail, Manchester. All are welcome to visit, as Tim would be happy to meet and speak with prospective voters.

Should you have questions or experience any issues, you may reach out to the campaign by emailing or contacting the Libertarian Party of PA at 1-800-774-4487.

For those tired of the broken promises, lies, and lack of liberty perpetuated by other political parties, please stop by and sign the ballot access form to guarantee that Pennsylvanians have a choice this election.

About TIM4PA – Tim McMaster is the Libertarian Party of PA’s candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania. Tim is currently an Auditor and chair of the Audit Committee for his home township of Conewago Township, York County. Now Tim is seeking support as Lieutenant Governor of the great state of Pennsylvania. Tim focuses on critical issues of liberty, from Lowering the Property Tax for Homeowners to Constitutional Carry in Pennsylvania to Ending the Prohibition on Recreational Marijuana Usage. Join Tim, and we will #MakePAFreeAgain!


For more information on the campaigns and how to get involved, visit or email

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