Matt Hackenburg and Tim McMaster Launch Bid for Governor
and Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania

Harrisburg, PA, March 30, 2022 – Matt Hackenburg has announced his campaign for Governor of Pennsylvania and Tim McMaster for Lieutenant Governor.

“I’ve watched as politicians steal money from our pockets, our homes, at the gas tank, everywhere we turn,” said Hackenburg. “I’ve watched as they waste the money we earned with no benefit to us. I’ve watched as they muzzled and abused our children. I’ve watched as they’ve taken away our ability to protect those children and our families. And I’ve watched as control over our own lives has moved from our homes, to Harrisburg, down to D.C., and beyond. It’s time we reclaim our freedom.”
Both Hackenburg and McMaster are the officially nominated candidates of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania.

“There are 1.3 million registered voters in Pennsylvania that will not get to participate in the primary on May 17th because they choose not to affiliate with the two major parties. After the primary, millions more will be without the candidate they supported. I am running for all of their freedoms, all of the time. No party affiliation or any other identifier should matter when it comes to freedom. My pledge to you is to take as much of the control and power that’s been lost to Harrisburg and return it to you and your families.”

Hackenburg lives in Northampton County with his wife, Laura, their young daughter, and their homestead of dogs, chickens, and goats. Matt is a former member of the Army National Guard and has a fifteen-year career as a computer engineer in the aerospace industry.

“I have been a lifelong resident of Pennsylvania,” said McMaster. “I am from a small town you may have heard of: Gettysburg. I have seen, for far too long, how the elected elite treat the free people of Pennsylvania as if we were beneath them. Taxing our wages, taxing our homes, taxing our investments, taxing our businesses, sending our young men and women to fight and die in wars that only enrich them and their corporate masters… The list is endless. And it has led to an oppressive state where we are thrown crumbs from their tables and are expected to be happy to receive them. I say it is enough! We, the free people of Pennsylvania need to reclaim our liberty. We need to throw off the chains of oppression and stand up to these career politicians and reaffirm our rights, our liberty, and our very freedom! I am running to show the people of Pennsylvania that liberty is for us all! I am running to #MakePennsylvaniaFreeAgain! In short, I am running for YOU!”

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